Old Triton

Read the history of the Tritons and the 艾尚体育app下载.

Lacking the college tradition of having an appropriate “nickname,” and faced with the dilemma of sending a basketball team into the Navy League with little more to call them other than “COGS,” a faculty-student committee organized a name selecting election.

This committee eventually chose six names for consideration and ballots were placed 在学生中心.  The popular choice was TRITONS, and from this our own college 传统的诞生.  

A fine decal showing our little TRITON became a common car window dressing, thanks 感谢富有创造力的女学生邦妮·金洛克.





摘自:《艾尚体育app下载》,MARC, 1992年 by Dr. Jose Palomo,教育部主任

Upon my arrival in Guam, my first official act was to pay my respects to its first 平民州长先生. Carlton Skinner.  他热情地欢迎我,并提供了充分的条件 在我作为教育主任的工作中给予合作.  我的下一站是办公室 学校监督李先生. 西蒙·桑切斯,这一行的老手 the highest ranking Guamanian in the Department of Education at the time.  The final stop was at my office, an ample section of the elephant Quonset in which Mr. Sanchez had his office. 

The Government of Guam placed a jeep at my disposal for official use, a good choice for traveling over the rough roads leading to the towns south of  Hagåtña.  Mr. Sanchez almost always accompanied me on my inspection trips around the island.  I learned much from him about school problems as our jeep careened from one pot hole in the 通往下一个世界的路.  In this way, I learned about the needs of the school system on the island.  The learning process took all the remaining months of 1950.

我面临着两个主要的管理问题.  一是有一百多人在场 contract teachers who had been brought to the island from several states at the same salary they had been getting in their home school districts and whose tours of duty 只呆了两年.  Their presence was welcomed by Navy and Air Force personnel because they wanted their children to be able to educationally fit into any school district to which their parents might be transferred some day.  的部门 Education also had to pay the cost of their round trip transportation.

另一个相关的问题是财政问题.  当我咨询岛上的司库时 about the proposed budget for 1951, he informed me that the public schools would consume 几乎是该岛预期收入的一半.  1951年初,我病情好转了 acquainted with the Department of Education and its problems, a thought began to gestate in my mind about how to maintain current educational levels, but at a more reasonable cost.  Why not train young Guamanians locally so that they could reach teaching standards 与内地学校持平?  这个想法在我脑子里反复琢磨了好一会儿 days, and then decided to discuss the prospect with Governor Skinner.

In September of 1951, I was on a Pan American plane en route to San Francisco.  My objective was to call on the Director of Extension Courses at the University of California in Berkeley,.  我哥哥本在机场迎接我.  艾尚体育app下载开车去了他家 in Los Altos about thirty-five miles south of San Francisco.  他和他的妻子坚持 让我和他呆在一起,我非常感激这种礼貌.
第二天,本让我开他的车去伯克利.  拓展课程主任 politely told me that his organization was fully engaged in South Korea in connection with our troops who were stationed there after the Korean war.  我很失望; I had counted on Berkeley’s cooperation because of our location in the Pacific.

My next stop was New York City, where I called upon the Director of Extension Services 在纽约大学.  他说他们也在忙于教育 work at Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico, but their contract would expire in another year.  His organization would consider coming to Guam at that time, he said.  I told him that I would contact him if I could not find another university which was available sooner.
My last stop, and last hope, was Ohio State University in Columbus,  Ohio.  I went straight to the office of the Dean of the College of Education, even though I had 没有事先预约.  当我到达院长办公室时,他的秘书 问我的任务.  我告诉她我是 关岛的教育,我想见见院长.  我马上被领了进来 进入了博士的私人住所. Donald P. Cottrell.

I told Dr. Cottrell that I was planning to start a teacher training school on Guam, which was recently made an unincorporated territory of the United States.  I gave 他解释了从事这样一项工程的原因.  他说:“你 在正确的时间来到了正确的地方.“院长告诉我,主席 of the Department of School Administration had just retired, having reached the mandatory retirement age of seventy, and would be a likely candidate for the job.  His secretary gave me the professor’s current address and telephone number.  院长笑着 told me that the professor was know to all his colleagues as “Hi” Lewis.

With the information given to me by the Dean, I had no trouble making contact with 他住在佛罗里达州中部的别墅里.  他对这个项目非常热心.  After a short briefing on the need for a teachers college on Guam, Hi Lewis’ last “我什么时候开始??我向他保证他将是组织工作的关键人物 a teachers college on Guam and that I would advise him when he should come to the 开始伟大的冒险之旅.

I spent another day in Columbus conferring with Dean Cottrell regarding a written agreement to ensure the continuity of our common enterprise.  他说他会的 draft such a document as an understanding between Ohio State University and the Government of Guam.  With this assurance, I felt that I had accomplished my mission.  I bade goodbye to the Dean and then set out on a plane to San Francisco, happy that my efforts 开始开花结果了吗.  

Again, my faithful brother Ben was waiting for me at the airport.  We drove to his home and after a hearty dinner, I went to be satisfied that my mission had been successful.