Non-Degree Admissions

Looking to take an undergraduate-level class at UOG for personal enrichment or professional advancement? The University of Guam admits undergraduate students on a non-degree seeking basis with a few simple steps.

  • An individual who has not been a full-time secondary student for at least four years

  • An individual who is enrolled in a degree program at another institution* and does not wish to enroll in a degree program at UOG 

*Students seeking degrees at other institutions should determine in advance whether courses taken at UOG are transferable to their receiving institution.

Enrollment into course sections as a non-degree student is subject to availability of space and the instructor’s concurrence.

Courses taken in non-degree status are taken at the student’s risk, without regard to formal prerequisites, so non-degree students are urged to contact the instructor of the course they wish to take to ensure the course content is appropriate based on the inquiring student's previous coursework. 

To enroll as a non-degree student: 

  1. Contact the instructor of the course you wish to take to gain approval.

    1. All available courses for the semester, along with the days and times offered and the instructor, are listed in the Course Schedule

    2. Instructors' contact information can be found in the UOG Directory online.

  2. Complete an undergraduate admissions application through the Office of Admissions and Records or online.

  3. Pay the nonrefundable application fee of $52.

  4. Register for the course during the registration period specified in the Course Schedule.

A non-degree student is not required to submit high school or previous college records or to take placement examinations except for entry into courses in English and mathematics.

A maximum of 30 credits taken by a student in non-degree status can be accepted toward fulfillment of a degree program at the University of Guam if the student meets the following requirements:

  • An Application for Admission for Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students must be submitted to the Admissions Office. The student must complete all requirements for admission, as would a degree-seeking student.

  • Prerequisite courses not completed while the students were in non-degree status must be satisfied before the requested courses can be applied toward a degree program.